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Shopska Salad
/tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh peppers, onion, *grated cheese, olive/
300 grams 6,90 BGN
Shepherd’s Salad
/tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, ham, *egg, *cow cheese, *yellow cheese, olive/
350 grams 7,90 BGN
Homemade eggplant mash
/eggplant, baked peppers, tomatoes, garlic, parsley, olive/
250 grams 5,90 BGN
Homemade Snezhanka Salad
/*strained yogurt, pickles, dill, *walnuts, *olives/
250 grams 5,90 BGN
Tomatoes with buffalo cheese
/tomatoes, *buffalo cheese/
300 grams 7,90 BGN
Green salad with egg
/lettuce, fresh onion, radishes, *egg/
300 grams 5,90 BGN
Slavic Salad
/peeled tomatoes, *qatik , roasted peppers, olives, red onion/
300 grams 8,90 BGN
Vitamin Salad
/apples, carrots, beets, *honey, *walnuts, lemon/
300 grams 7,90 BGN
Ordinal Salad
/tomatoes, eggplant, roasted pepper, *cheese, olives, garlic, dill, parsley/
400 grams 7,90 BGN
Greek Salad
/tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, onions, olives, *feta cheese, olive oil/
300 grams 8,90 BGN
Spinach Salad
/spinach, tomatoes, *blue cheese, *feta cheese, red onion, *honey, *mustard/
300 grams 8,90 BGN
Tuna Fish Iceberg Salad
/Iceberg, tomato, cucumbers, *corn, *tuna fish, lemon/
300 grams 8,90 BGN
TIMO Salad
/tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, roasted pepper, *grilled cheese, olives, parsley/
350 grams 7,90 BGN
Caesar Salad
/Iceberg, lettuce, tomatoes, *croutons, roasted chicken fillet and *Caesar Sauce/
300 grams 10,90 BGN
Caprese Salad
/tomatoes, *mozzarella, *Pesto Sauce/
400 grams 9,90 BGN
Chorbadzhiyska Salad
/tomatoes, roasted pepper, eggplant puree, *Snezhanka Salad, *buffalo cheese, ham, olive/
400 grams 12,90 BGN
Caprese with roasted vegetables/tomatoes, *mozzarella, zucchini, aubergines, *Pesto Sauce/ 400 grams 10,90 BGN
*The products containing allergens are marked in a darker color.